Membership Application Overview

Thank you for considering membership in CARN/ACIIR! Membership in the Association is a privilege and is contingent upon compliance with the requirements as specified in CARN/ACIIR Bylaws posted on this web site.

Why join CARN?

Membership benefits include:

  • Identity: As a member of CARN you will demonstrate your commitment to promoting rehab nursing as a specialty in Canada.
  • Conferences: You will have advance notice of rehabilitation conferences. You will also enjoy a discounted fee to attend the biannual CARN and Rehab Net conference. Education: CARN will provide you with opportunities for ongoing education As a rehab nurse CARN realizes that you want to keep current in your practice!
  • Certification Credentials: If you are a rehab RN, educational support available through CARN, will make rehab certification an achievable reality. Imagine the reward of passing the CNA rehab certification exam and gaining the credential of CRN(C)!
  • Networking: CARN promises the chance for you to interact and network with rehab colleagues across Canada!
  • Newsletter/Journal: You will have access to rehab nursing newsletter and in future to a peer reviewed rehab nursing journal.
  • AGM: As a member of CARN you will have the privilege of attending the Annual General Meeting in person or by teleconference.
  • Voting Privileges: At the Annual General Meeting you will be able to exercise your voting privilege as a member in good standing.
  • Professional Development Opportunity: As a member of CARN you will have the opportunity, if desired, to work with your Board of Director to strengthen the voice of rehab nurses provincially and in turn nationally!

Individual Membership Categories and Fees

  • Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Retired Nurses and Student Nurses are eligible for membership in CARN – ACIIR.
  • For a detailed outline of individual “membership categories”, privileges and fees please refer to Membership Bylaws Articles 6 to 11 posted on this web site.
  • A photocopy of provincial license is only required when applying for Individual Membership.
  • Nursing students must provide proof of their full time status in a nursing education institution.
  • Fees are prorated if joining after September 30 as specified on the Membership Application.

Provincial Group Membership

Registered Nurses in Ontario, who must be members of the Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (OARN) secure membership in CARN/ACIIR through their provincial association.

Membership Year

CARN’s/ACIIR’s fiscal year is April 1st to March 31st.

Membership Renewal

Individual members, and OARN will be notified each year of the renewal process.

Do you have questions? Would you like additional information?

Please contact: CARN/ACIIR Membership Coordinator at: