CNA Certification Discovery Week!

February 25, 2018

BC CARN sponsored a lunch & learn session on Feb 1st at GF Strong Rehab Centre, Vancouver, BC. 20 Rehab Nurses attended (2 via Telehealth from Kamloops!) At least six nurses from BC are signed up to write the CNA Rehab Nursing Certification Exam.

Here are some reflections from our BC Director, Gagandeep:

“It was a such  great inspiration and motivation to see the support and enthusiasm from all the team members.  This is all about valuing your work and pride in the amazing role of the Rehab Nurse. Being able to have the knowledge and skills to work alongside our clients and bring them back into their lives is a special skill that all of you have. What better reason to become a member of The Canadian Association of Rehab Nursing better known as ‘CARN’ or to be involved in the study groups and/or writing of the exam.”

Did others hold any events across the country? Anyone starting study groups for certification? if so, we’d love to hear about it! Email: with any updates