Happy 10th Birthday, CARN!

June 28, 2017

June 2017 marks 10 years since the formation of the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Nurses and the recognition of rehab nursing as a specialty.

Almost 300 nurses have achieved their CRN(C) – Certification in Rehab Nursing, Canada.

WE can do better! What’s your reason to certify? Professional recognition? Personal accomplishment? Career advancement?

Join CARN and enjoy the benefits of membership including:

  • Educational opportunities: including support for certification
  • Networking: CARN promises the chance for you to interact and network with rehab colleagues across Canada
  • AGM: As a member of CARN you will have the privilege of attending the Annual General Meeting in person or by teleconference

Together we can establish CARN – ACIIR as a national association helping rehabilitation nurses to care for the health and welfare of all Canadians living with a disability or chronic illness. Invite fellow RN/LPN/RPN colleagues to join in celebration of this 10 year anniversary of Rehabilitation Nursing in Canada!